Last Saturday, thieves stole the file of the terrorist trial on the attacks in Zaventem and an access badge for the NATO buildings from the car of lawyer Michel Degrève. However, the NATO badge is unusable and the file is encrypted.

    Michel Degrève is the lawyer of Smail Farisi, one of the two brothers suspected and appearing free at the major terror trial. Degrève also worked with the flamboyant lawyer Sébastien Courtoy, who recently passed away. According to our information, the lawyer from Etterbeek has filed a complaint after the theft. His computer — which includes the terror dossier — and access badge to the NATO courthouse in Evere — where the trial is taking place — were in the car. Incidentally, it is a car that he had borrowed from someone else, so it was not his personal vehicle. The car was parked in the center of Brussels.

    Technical gadget

    Ilse Van de Keere, spokeswoman for the Brussels police, confirms that an investigation is underway into burglary and theft. “An official report has been drawn up.” Remarkable: there were no traces of forced entry on the vehicle. Presumably the vehicle was therefore opened with some technical gadget.

    The traceless access badge is useless, because any badge that leaves the NATO building is deactivated for security reasons. And anyone who has a badge must also return it to security in the evening. So there is no security problem for the terror process. The entire terror file is also encrypted, which means that a password or key is required to view it. The police assume that it concerns a thief who wanted to steal valuables and not someone with terrorist motives or someone who was deliberately after the file.