Nations League: DFB women keep their Olympic chances after a draw in Wales

As of: December 5th, 2023 9:43 p.m

The German soccer women are keeping their chance of taking part in the Olympics in the Nations League against Wales. To do this, the Hrubesch team needed help from Iceland.

Jörg Strohschein

It was a tough game with a good outcome for the women’s national team. Interim coach Horst Hrubesch’s team couldn’t get past a disappointing 0-0 draw in Wales, but Iceland enabled the German team to win the group in the Nations League with a 1-0 win against Denmark.

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But this success was only the first step towards qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris next year. Only two of the Nations League semi-finalists still get a ticket for the tournament, but to do so they only need one win from two games as hosts France have already qualified. The final tournament will take place from February 21st to 28th.

Goalkeeper Frohms has to intervene

The German team started the game nervously and lost too many balls. Wales played with more purpose and were particularly attentive. Luckily for the Hrubesch team, the opponents weren’t accurate enough.

After eight minutes, goalkeeper Merle Frohms had to give everything after a corner to prevent a deficit. The hosts repeatedly took advantage of uncertainties in the German setup to create opportunities.

Unfocused and unsettled

Rachel Rowe had the best shot after 16 minutes, hitting the post with her shot from 17 meters. Germany seemed very unsettled for long stretches and only rarely got into combination play offensively. And only once did it become dangerous when Sarai Linder tried a long-range shot but didn’t aim it precisely enough.

Sjoeke Nüsken made it clear how unfocused and unsettled the German team was. The midfielder wanted to pass the ball back to keeper Frohms from 30 meters unchallenged and actually produced a corner for Wales.

Draw saved

Things didn’t get any better for the Hrubesch team in the second half either. Alexandra Popp as the striker was hardly staged. The Wolfsburg player also received a blow to the head from Sophie Ingle and went into the final phase a little injured.

The German players continued to appear sleepy and sluggish and had many players in the build-up. And Frohms had to intervene again to prevent a deficit.

But at least the German women saved the draw over time, which still makes the chance of taking part in the Olympics possible.