National Football Team is pursuing historic success against Wales

Turkey will face Wales in EURO 2024 Qualifiers Group D. If it finishes its group at the top, it will participate in a major tournament as the group leader for the first time in its history. Competed in the World Cup (1954, 2002)

The National Football Team, which will face Wales away this evening in the eighth and final week of the UEFA 2024 European Football Championship (EURO 2024) Qualifiers Group D, will take the field to finish first in a group stage for the first time in its history and to participate in a tournament as the group leader for the first time.

Turkey, which is guaranteed to participate in EURO 2024 hosted by Germany and will play against Wales with the aim of leading the group, has participated in the European Championship 5 times and the World Cup 2 times in its history. The crescent-star team could not participate in these 7 tournaments as the leader in the group stage.

Even 1 point will be enough for Turkey, which was 3 points ahead of second-place Croatia before the last matches, for the group leadership.


The national team appeared in the European Championship in 1996, 2008 and 2016 under the management of Fatih Terim, in 2000 under the management of Mustafa Denizli and in 2020 under the management of Şenol Güneş.

Despite gaining the right to participate, Turkey could not go to the 1950 World Cup due to financial difficulties, and competed in the 1954 and 2002 World Cups.


EURO 1996

Türkiye participated in the European Championship for the first time in 1996. The national team competed with Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary and Iceland in the qualifying group.

The crescent-star team came in second with 15 points, after the leader Switzerland with 17 points, and earned the right to participate in the tournament hosted by England.

EURO 2000

The National Team took part in the 2000 European Championship qualifying group with Germany, Finland, Northern Ireland and Moldova. Collecting 17 points in 8 matches, Turkey finished the group stage in second place, behind Germany with 19 points.

Turkey drew 1-1 away and a goalless draw at home in the play-off matches against the Republic of Ireland, and with the away goals rule, Turkey made its name in the EURO 2000, jointly organized by the Netherlands and Belgium.

EURO 2008

The crescent-star team faced Greece, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Hungary and Malta in the 2008 European Championship qualifying group.

It finished the group in second place with 24 points collected in 12 matches and made its mark in EURO 2008, where it would reach the semi-finals, after Greece, which was the leader with 31 points.

EURO 2016

To participate in EURO 2016, Turkey faced Czech Republic, Iceland, Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Latvia in the qualifying group stage.

After 10 matches, the national team ranked 3rd with 18 points, behind the Czech Republic and Iceland. Turkey qualified to participate in the tournament hosted by France as the 3rd best in all groups.

EURO 2020

Turkey continued its claim to participate in the 2020 European Football Championship as the group leader until the last match, but France made its name in EURO 2020 as the group leader.

In the elimination group, the star and crescent team competed against France, Iceland, Albania, Andorra and Moldova. Turkey made its way to EURO 2020 by taking second place, 2 points behind France with 25 points.


1954 World Cup

The Turkish National Team managed to participate in the World Cup for the first time in its history in 1954.

Matching with Spain on the way to qualify for the World Cup, Turkey lost the first match 4-1 and won the rematch 1-0. At that time, when goal difference was not valid, the third match was played in Rome, which was a neutral field. When this match ended in a 2-2 draw, the National Team won the right to participate in the cup as a result of the draw drawn by a boy named Franco who was called from the stands.

2002 World Cup

The national team waited 48 years to experience the same excitement once again in the World Cup Finals.

The nationals, who were in the 4th group in the qualifiers to go to the finals jointly organized by South Korea and Japan, played 10 matches under the management of coach Şenol Güneş. The National Team played against Sweden, Slovakia, Macedonia, Moldova and Azerbaijan in the qualifiers; It ranked second after Sweden with 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 defeat. Having earned the right to play in the play-offs with this result, Turkey was matched with Austria. Defeating their opponent 1-0 away, the national team won the rematch 5-0 and gained the right to compete in the finals after 48 years.