NASDAQ title Meta share lower: Meta with unusual warning to investors about Mark Zuckerberg’s martial arts hobby

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for martial arts is forcing the meta-group he leads to issue an unusual warning to investors.

Zuckerberg and several other executives engaged in “high-risk activities such as martial arts, extreme sports and recreational aviation” that could “lead to serious injury and death,” Meta Platforms said in its detailed report for last year published over the weekend.

It is the first time that the Facebook Group has included such a reference to its boss’s hobbies in its usual risk warnings for investors. As before, Meta also emphasized that if Zuckerberg were no longer available for whatever reason, this would have “significant negative consequences” for the business.

Zuckerberg has control over Meta thanks to shares with more voting rights than ordinary investors – and still has a leading role in determining the company’s strategy. Meta has billions of users on its services such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Meta share temporarily lost 2.25 percent to $464.20 on the NASDAQ.


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