Nani Vazani brings forgotten language to life on the first International Ladino Day

On her fourth solo album Ke Haber (What’s New), Nani captures the spirit of ancient, matriarchal language and culture and pushes it into the 21st century with socially relevant lyrics, celebrating migration, gender and women’s empowerment.

Her music bridges tradition and modern life, capturing the sounds and smells of the market and blending them with raw, flamenco-like vocals and surprising instrumentations.

Inspiration for new generation

Noam Vazana hopes to inspire a new generation. “I want to build a bridge between the past and the future and I hope that young people will also investigate more where they come from.”

Saturday is the very first celebration of International Ladino Day in the Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam. “Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Ladino songs and Sephardic culture in an intimate setting,” says Nani.

Program International Ladino Day Amsterdam 2024

12:00: Lecture about Sephardic culture including music examples
4 p.m.: Workshop in which the audience learns to sing a Ladino song (children also welcome)
8 p.m.: Closing performance with songs from Nani’s Ladino album Ke Haber.