‘Name you don’t expect’

Evert Santegoeds continues to hint at a kind of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk-like scandal at RTL. Will there be a new TV riot soon? “That is also a presenter that you do not expect.”

© William Rutten, RTL

Private boss Evert Santegoeds came up with a disturbing gossip two weeks ago. He indicated that an investigation would be conducted into ‘someone’ at RTL. “I also know someone at RTL who I believe is being investigated. We will undoubtedly hear more about that in the near future,” said the entertainment connoisseur.

Evert speculates

Evert will return to this in his podcast today Strictly Private. His co-host Jordi Versteegden puts it to him: “You recently said that an investigation into someone within RTL is probably already underway, so I think more names will come forward in the near future.”

Yes, Evert replies. “Although I haven’t heard much about it. The woman who approached me about the fact that she was going to file a complaint does not want to say whether she has indeed done so in the meantime,” he says.

He does not want to mention the name of the RTL star in question. “It is also a presenter that you do not expect.”

RTL knows nothing

After Evert’s initial speculations, RTL indicated that it was not aware of an investigation into an RTL face: “Nothing is known to us at the moment, but if we do receive a report, we will investigate it thoroughly.”

It is possible that a report has been made to the independent Mores hotline. “Mores never shares the reports with us unless this is the explicit wish of the reporters,” said RTL at the time.

Complaint about Ozcan

NPO star Özcan Akyol announced yesterday evening in the broadcast of De Oranjewinter that there is also a complaint against him, namely about intimidation in the workplace. “If you bring that out yourself, it always seems like a flight to the front,” Evert analyses.

He continues: “He does not say what exactly happened, but the fact that he himself comes out with it is not unwise, I think. And that too on a stage where you know you can count on approval rather than disapproval. It’s a good move from Eus, I think. But it is again the people you do not expect it from, of course.”

Strictly Private

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