Nahir Galarza case: scandal over the expertise

He Nahir Galarza casesentenced to a sentence of life imprisonment as the only one sentenced by the crime of Fernando Pastorizzo, which occurred in the early morning of December 29, 2017, continues to generate controversy.

A few days after celebrating his sixth Christmas in prison, and on the eve of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation is issued on whether to revoke or confirm the sentence to life imprisonmenta ruling by the Entre Ríos justice system confirms that the food specialist Gabriela Laiño She was pressured to perform skills for which she was not qualified.

Laiño She alleged that after Galarza was sentenced, she began to suffer from a series of psychological disorders that led her to sue the Entre Ríos state and the provincial police. She Laiño told the court that the prosecutors forced her to examine the cell phones of the young woman and the deceased Pastorizzo in her morgue, making her pass as “Computer Expert” when she is actually bromatologist and he never acquired knowledge for that level.

Likewise, Laiño denounced that her superiors forced her to advance with the apocryphal expertise under the threat of leaving her without a job. Due to this complaint, this last Friday the labor justice system agreed with him and confirmed the sentence in favor of Laiño. forcing the defendants to compensate her with the sum of 14 million pesos.

The ruling, among other concepts, held that:”These episodes experienced within the framework of her work have been corroborated by the rest of the evidentiary material provided in the case. The witnesses who testified in the proceedings supported the plaintiff’s exposure situations, who is remembered as a civil servant, Graduate in Bromatology, at the service of Criminalistics of the Gualeguaychú Departmental Police, where the tasks that were required of her throughout her provision of services exceeded the scope of the laboratory, for which she was appointed as a civil agent with the provision of police functions in that area of ​​the force.

Nahir Galarza

“It was not the responsibility of his professional training tos computer expertise (opening locked cell phones, digital recordings, taking photographic samples, etc.), without the defendant having brought to the process evidence that the training she received in postgraduate training had accredited scientific skills or knowledge in these other subjects or sciences unrelated to her undergraduate training,” the ruling continued and added: “The interventions as forensic photographer “In the context of carrying out judicial autopsies, the plaintiff did not have, nor should she have, physical or mental tolerance or resistance to this, due to her professional training as a Bromatologist.”

The person who spoke after the sentence was Jorge Zonzini, author of the book about Galarza that anticipated this outcome. And he maintained: “The prosecutor Rondoni Caffa, the Coordinator Lisandro Beheran, the General Commissioner of the Department of Gualeguaychú, Fabián Pérez and the Judge of Guarantees Mario Figueroa, also a former police officer, They formed a perverse association to protect Nahir’s father, also a police officer. Marcelo Galarza, to quickly close the sentence to life imprisonment”.

Nahir Galarza

The Supreme Court of the Nation It has already studied the entire file and in the coming days it must issue a decision on whether to revoke or confirm the perpetual ruling. The technical defense of the young Galarza, led by the Drs. José Ostolaza and Pablo Sotelois convinced that the highest court will detect in the federal appeal presented the discrimination and arbitrariness of the Entre Ríos justice system.

by RN

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