NAC trainer Hyballa is disappointed by the public: ‘Supporters have no discipline’

Trainer Peter Hyballa of NAC is disappointed by the supporters who first threw fireworks on the field during the derby against Willem II on Friday and later cups of beer. “Those supporters have absolutely no discipline. This puts our team at a disadvantage and the club as well,” Hyballa said at ESPN, after the game was finally stopped in the final phase.

Referee Jeroen Manschot followed the stricter rules of the KNVB. He first sent the players to the dressing room after a piece of fireworks landed on the pitch of the Rat Verlegh stadium. Shortly after the restart, Willem II scored (0-1). The Tilburgers celebrated this right in front of the stands with NAC fans and then got cups of beer thrown over them.

Final strike
Manschot then stopped the match definitively. “Look, I can’t say anything about emotions. I’m an emotional man myself,” said Hyballa. “But this really sucks. However, let’s be honest. Lighting fireworks and throwing cups of beer, you see that in other countries as well. It is good that the Netherlands now says: show discipline. But on the other hand, I think this will now become more common. Or we will have to hang high nets in the stadiums everywhere, just like in Germany.”

Trainer Reinier Robbemond of Willem II thought that Manschot would do well to follow the rules. “It is always a question of whether a referee acts according to the rules or thinks: I overlook it. He adheres to the rules. And rightly so. Apparently, as players you are no longer even allowed to celebrate a goal, then you get this right away” , says the coach. “Since the corona time we have seen thousands of beers go to the field. It is clear that this must be over at some point. The people who do behave are the victims of this, just like us. Just behave and drink that beer nicely That seems much better to me.”

The suspended match in the Kitchen Champion Division between NAC Breda and Willem II will in principle be played at a later time, as much as possible under the same conditions as Friday evening. However, the KNVB professional football league board can also decide that the current score (0-1) will also be the final score or that the match must be replayed in its entirety.

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