NAC fires trainer Peter Hyballa: ‘People on the work floor regularly felt the situation was unsafe’ | Dutch football

“Peter performed well last season,” admits Peter Maas, technical director of NAC. “But in the summer we further strengthened the selection and staff in order to continue to grow. Unfortunately, further development was not successful, precisely because the cooperation between the trainer and his working environment became insufficient. As management, we did not believe that the situation could still be repaired.”

Maas explains his decision in an interview on this site: “As club management, we felt that things were not going well. In the field of cooperation and connection. We received a lot of signals about this from the shop floor. For ages. We have invested a lot of time and effort to ensure this runs smoothly. Unfortunately, this did not lead to a good result. That is why we had to take this measure,” explains the technical director. “It is true that the people on the work floor regularly felt the situation was unsafe. We have often discussed this in order to improve it. toppling.”