Murder of Tilburg rapper Boechi: perpetrators receive years in prison

Chris Z. (24) and Churendi C. (44) were convicted on Friday for the murder of Tilburg rapper Boechi. He was shot dead on the street in Curaçao in December last year. The court in Willemstad ruled that shooter Chris Z. should be in prison for 22 years and driver Churendi C. for 19 years and 11 months.

According to the court in Willemstad, there is sufficient evidence that the duo murdered Boechi. CCTV footage showed how the rapper and his friends spent his last evening. It was also clear that a white car followed Boechi and his friends for more than an hour on December 8, 2022. Until the moment shots were fired from that car, when Boechi went to eat something late at night.

Shooter Chris Z denied being at the scene of the shooting. But driver Churendi C. stated that Chris shot and his phone was also at that place.

“There is nothing to show that the shooting resulted from a sudden outburst of anger or a sudden violent temper. The suspects planned this and are therefore guilty of murder,” the officer stated during the hearing.

Why did Boechi have to die?
Rumors soon spread that it would be a settlement in the drug circuit. But other stories revolved around an argument that got out of hand or the theft of Boechi’s expensive necklace.

Unfortunately, it was never clear during the hearing why Boechi had to die. Images show that the two men had been following the rapper by car for some time. At the diner they saw their chance: Churendi stopped the car and Chris shot the rapper.

In June, during an interim hearing, the two argued about the reason for the shooting. According to Churendi, Chris shot out of nowhere. But according to Chris, there is a client for whom both worked. He didn’t want to say who, but Churendi had to tell the judge.

“Churendi must tell the whole story and explain who the people are who paid to kill Boechi,” he said in June. But that answer did not come during the hearing on October 27. Both men showed little remorse. Churendi knew nothing about an assassination attempt and ‘had only been driving’. Chris was sick in bed, he stated.

“But whatever the reason, others are suffering because of the decisions you have made,” Boechi’s widow Niandy Windster-Losiabaar said in court. “There are now six children who have to grow up without a father because of this cold-blooded liquidation.”

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