Popçu Murat Dalkılıç and famous actress Merve Bolugur were married on August 24, 2015. It was revealed that the couple decided to divorce a week before they celebrated their second wedding anniversary. As a result of the hearing held at the Beykoz 1st Family Court, Dalkılıç and Bolugur parted ways in agreement. At that time, the news of this divorce made a big noise.


    In his statement, Dalkılıç said, “We have sadly decided to end our marriage, which we have been trying to save for a long time, with my precious wife Merve Bolugur. Negative statements have nothing to do with this incident. Our decision to break up has emerged as a result of the problems we experience in every relationship that started to harm our institution of marriage. Thank you for the hundreds of happy days you have given me…”


    After the divorce, it was claimed that Merve Bolugur had a difficult time psychologically and therefore moved away from the screens. Comments have been made about the actress, who has recently been talked about with her statements and posts on social media, “She couldn’t recover after Murat” and “This girl went crazy”. Some social media users also criticized Murat Dalkılıç.


    The famous singer spoke for the first time in the face of the reactions he received. Making a statement from his Instagram account, Dalkılıç said:

    What right do you have that my ex-wife Merve has been sharing with the society the way she lives freely, the way she wants, in all media for a while, with the hashtag “This girl is crazy”, every day, every hour, nonstop, in the media where everything is visible! The interlocutor sees them every day, do you not think? Are you not aware of how sadly a person can turn into that state with these attributions of yours? I wish with all my heart that you realize how dangerous you are and put an end to this as soon as possible! As for the relationship of these attributions to me; At first, I thought that you were really joking, but I felt the need for an explanation because hundreds of serious hateful messages came every day… I will never try to justify myself no matter what you do… Merve carried my family’s surname no matter what. One day, if she feels like it, Merve will explain the reason for our separation… Now, with your high permission, let us live our own lives as we want…


    The sharing of Dalkılıç became the agenda in a short time, and a remarkable statement came from Merve Bolugur. Making a statement on his social media account, Bolugur said:

    “I have created myself until today. I did not live what the world says. Instead of talking to me about my free spirit, find other gossip material and live yourself. Because I have not leant on anyone since I was 17 years old, I have become a woman with love relationships. This is the first time I am responding to the perception operation done to me. If I wanted, I could enter and play the lead role in a TV series, is this your problem?

    Or I have a boyfriend, but for some reason, the image of a grieving girl is always presented… Or psychological labels that I feel like acting without harming anyone… Excuse me, let everyone drown in their own psychology, those who try to be famous talk separately. Everyone who was jealous spoke because they’ve been on me for years.”