Municipal taxes 2024: this is why some have only received waste tax

At the end of February, the municipality of Zoetermeer sent the assessment notices for municipal taxes 2024. More than 1,000 Zoetermeer addresses have only received the tax notice with waste tax. How is that possible?

Municipal taxes consist of various components: property tax, owner’s tax, sewerage tax, waste tax and tourist tax. Normally you will receive all assessments in one envelope to your home address. But things are a little different at 1,300 residential addresses in Zoetermeer…

Too many objections

Every year, appraisers determine the values ​​of homes in Zoetermeer. According to the municipality, the assessment of the WOZ value takes a lot of time. In addition, a lot of objections to the WOZ value were submitted by Zoetermeer residents last year. This means that the appraisers have much more work to do, which, among other things, has caused a delay. This means that the appraisers were unable to determine all WOZ values ​​before sending the assessment notices. That is why 1,300 Zoetermeer households have only received the waste tax assessment notice in their letterbox.

We can’t make it more fun

The appraisers are currently working hard to get the job done. This means that the 1,300 remaining households will receive the remaining assessments within four to eight weeks. Too bad, huh?

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