Municipal elections Barcelona 2023 | The PSC sees “options” of the tripartite left in Barcelona with the hook of the council

“There is leftist government options in Barcelona”. This is the diagnosis made by the PSC after the first round of contacts that it has maintained with the rest of the political formations, with the exception of Vox. Jaume Collboni his purpose of trying to wrest the mayoralty from the winner of the elections has not changed, Xavier Triashand in hand with commons and of CKD, even more so after having verified, according to socialist sources, that neither of these two actors rule out the possibility of weaving a tripartite. The PSC has a ace up your sleeve in the negotiation: the Barcelona Provincial Council. The Socialists, with 18 representatives, must choose a partner, and both Junts and ERC have obtained 11.

Despite the fact that the call for general elections has a full impact on the preparation of a pact in Barcelona, ​​the PSC keeps the left-wing alliance alive against the background of the supramunicipal power sharing in an election in which the two pro-independence parties have lost steam despite the fact that Junts has managed to prevail in the capital. All the actors maintain a public discourse that has nuances behind closed doors. What the socialists do rule out is that the PP could enter the equation exercising a role such as that of Manuel Valls in 2019, since they assure that it is “improbable” that this situation occurs with generals polarized with the right, no matter how much Daniel Sirera seek to have some decision-making power in the consistory.

In addition, this time for the Comuns it would mean participating in an operation that would not grant the mayorship to Ada Colau. The purples are the most enthusiastic when it comes to defending the left-wing tripartite, although they are reluctant to rule out that the rod could fall on their leader. In fact, they still cross their fingers that Friday’s count turn around in their favor and place them in second position, since they were left with 142 votes on election night. However, according to negotiating sources, they assume that this scenario is difficult and that, even by a handful of votes, the PSC is ahead.

More complex is the situation for ERC. Especially since generals have been hastily placed on the calendar when they have not yet recovered from a hard blow in the municipal which has halved its representation in Barcelona. Publicly, the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragoneshas encouraged a independence withdrawal and Ernest Maragall has already met with Trias to explore a margin of agreement. But there is no republican unanimity and the PSC tries to fish in those troubled waters clinging to the fact that there has not been a definitive slam, neither public nor private, to explore an entente. The former deputy of ERC Joan Tarda He has once again been the most dissenting voice, betting on contributing to Colau, despite having finished third, being mayor with a government with the Republicans inside and the “collaboration” of the Socialists.

waiting for CKD

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However, what the PSC does not endorse are formulas that do not go through the mayor’s office of Jaume Collboni. Neither the distribution of the mayor’s office with Colau with which sectors of the Comuns dream that refuse to accept that all is lost. For them, the consolation prize would be to be the minority partner of the Socialists. But for that, the participation of ERC would be needed, currently immersed in the “united front” that he has put on the table for rebuild the independence unit.

The Socialists, convinced that this new attempt by the Republicans and Junts has many numbers to end like the rosary of dawn, they are “waiting” for ERC to clarify with the hook of a Barcelona Provincial Council, which is always a refuge to maintain territorial party structures when they paint coarse. Before having the results of the municipal elections on the table, the intention of the PSC, convinced that it had everything to win, was to repeat the controversial pact with Junts in the third institution in Catalonia, which has remained stable and smooth for four years. But the ballot boxes, both those that have already been opened and those that will be placed on July 23, have dynamited all initial plans and open the game.