Multiple shootings at Super Bowl championship party: One dead, children injured

Two people were taken into custody in Kansas City.

A shooting incident occurred at the Kansas City Chiefs’ NFL championship celebration on Wednesday. According to Reuters, several people have been shot at.

The police arrested two armed persons.

The authorities confirmed, among other things For ABC News, that one person has died. Three people are in critical condition, five were seriously injured and one had minor injuries. Children are among the wounded.

Kansas City police released information about the shooting incident on X at 2:02 p.m. local time.

According to police, the incident happened on the west side of Union Station near the parking garage. People flocked to Union Station to welcome the newly crowned Super Bowl winning team. Several people were already leaving the party venue towards the parking garage.

According to ABC, people were asked to leave the scene immediately and avoid the parking garage, where the injured are being taken for treatment.

By a Huffington Post reporter by Philip Lewis The video published on X showed a chaotic situation as the police rushed towards the scene.

About a million people were expected to attend the Chiefs’ championship party.

The Kansas City Chiefs won the American football NFL championship on the night between Sunday and Monday. In the Super Bowl final, it defeated the San Francisco 49ers.

Chiefs star quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes said in X that he was praying for Kansas City.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ NFL championship celebration ended with a shooting incident. PDO

Chaos ensued in front of Union Station. PDO

The police told people to leave the place immediately. PDO

The party venue at Union Station was empty. PDO