“Well, we’re standing then.” That is the comment of multimillionaire and influencer Chahid Charrack, after his car was taken to the police station in Assen.

    The 32-year-old man tore with 250 on the A28 between Assen and Beilen. The police pulled him over, and because he didn’t have his driver’s license with him, he had to leave the car. The Lamborghini of about 320,000 euros was brought to the police station in Assen, Charrack himself shows on Instagram.

    It can be seen that the police carefully drives his car onto a trailer. That is not easy, because the car is so low above the road. Charrack also comments on his videos: “Driven too fast and no driver’s license so they also take the car into custody. Pick up again this week and show driver’s license.”

    And although he uses the song “Goodbye my lover” with the images of the car being taken away, he doesn’t seem very impressed: “Well, it can happen. It’s their weekend too.”

    “My own fault, big bump, I should have had my driver’s license with me,” he admits.

    This is probably not the end of the road for the driver. After measurement correction, the man was speeding 96 kilometers per hour. The public prosecutor will therefore decide later whether he will get his driver’s license back and what the next punishment will be.