Muhammad Mokayev was startled at the UFC press conference

Muhammad Mokajev continued his winning streak at UFC night in London on Saturday. He then held a very special press conference.

Muhammad Mokayev won the judges vote of Charles Johnson in London. ZUMAPRESS / MVPHOTOS

Pride of Manchester, 21 years old Muhammad Mokayev won his fight at UFC night in London on Saturday. American Charles Johnson bowed in three sets with 30–27 points from all the judges’ votes.

Mokayev, who escaped from Russian Dagestan to England at the age of 12, is the youngest fighter in the UFC. Against Johnson, he showed why his grappling skills are buzzing. Mokayev is undefeated in his professional career.

Mokajevis has been buzzed about for other reasons as well. In the week before the match, he published a picture on social media in which he was holding an AK47 assault rifle. He sent his greetings to Johnson, who was not pleased.

– I posed with an AK47 at a friend’s place in Dagestan. Pretty normal. I’m not a bad guy. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but I use social media to raise enthusiasm around my matches, Mokajev said after his victory at the UFC press conference.

Mokayev carries the English flag in his matches and was still very popular with the London audience. He is grateful to Great Britain.

The young fighter recently wrote a Twitter update in which he criticized Russian politicians. He returned to the topic at the press conference.

– A stupid politician in Russia tried to accuse me of being a traitor, Mokayev justified his tweet.

A surprising twist

Mokayev suddenly started making harsh comments as well Paddy of Pimblett. Pimblett is the overwhelming crowd favorite who won by Jordan Leavitt by choke in the third last fight of the night.

– I don’t want to disrespect you representatives of the media, but you give such horse shit presenters as Paddy Pimblett column space. Take a look Tom AspinallMokayev said, referring to the English fighter in the main event.

The story continues after the picture.

Muhammad Mokayev already clashed with Charles Johnson at the weigh-in. PDO

Pimblett is a real showman. He has appeared in solid condition when there has been no match in sight. However, Pimblett arrived in London in iron condition.

The Liverpool man showed his bare rear to the cameras during the weigh-in as a message to those who are laughing. Mokayev did not like Pimblett’s trick.

– Don’t put your pants down. Women don’t do that either. He also drinks alcohol like an animal. This guy makes too much of that stuff. I would like young people to follow real men.


Despite Mokaev’s words, Pimblett was ultimately the most mature person of the evening. He moved everyone in the O2 arena in an interview after his win.

Pimblett dedicated his victory to his friend who committed suicide.

– The stigma must be dismantled. If you’re a man, start talking. If you are thinking about suicide, get yourself help. Call the suicide prevention line. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Men, speak up!