Muhammad bin Salman buys 500,000 cars for Saudi players

The overthrow of Argentina was a sensation in the truest sense of the word.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and head of the oil state Muhammad bin Salman rewards the country’s football team that has achieved the feat in a fun way.

Dutch The Telegraph reports bin Salman gifting brand new Rolls Royce Phantoms to the players of the team that sensationally beat Argentina 2-1.

It’s not just any shopping bag, but the flagship of a British luxury brand. reviews even the basic version of the 2022 Phantom costs more than 450,000 euros. You can spend more than 530,000 euros on a specially equipped game.

It is not known whether bin Salman will pay for the cars from the state or from his own pocket. Of course he can afford it. Bin Salman is one of the richest people in the world. His personal fortune is estimated to be as high as $18 billion.

Bin Salman also pampered the citizens of Saudi Arabia by declaring the day after the Argentina victory a national holiday.

On Saturday Green Hawks against Poland.

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman awards the Saudi Arabian team. EPA / AOP