Mouthmask and vaccination pass from March 14 on the shovel in France | Coronavirus what you need to know

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There are some exceptions to the relaxation in France. For example, the mouth mask is still mandatory on public transport and the vaccination pass will still be requested in healthcare institutions such as hospitals and residential care centers. The vaccination obligation for healthcare providers also remains in force, Castex clarified.

In our country, the Consultation Committee will meet again tomorrow/Friday to consider the corona situation. The corona figures in Belgium are looking quite good at the moment, which means that we will most likely switch from code orange to code yellow on the corona barometer.

In code yellow, the corona pass (the Covid Safe Ticket or CST) disappears into the slide. The mouth mask also disappears into the background, although an FFP2 mask is still recommended in many places for those who are vulnerable. In principle, the corona barometer also does not apply to education or public transport, so this must be decided separately.