Mourinho: “I could have left Roma in December. Zaniolo must settle with the club”

The coach after the win: “If I had played with these 11 players against Cremonese we’d be in the semifinals but we wouldn’t have won today…”

Three heavy points after the league defeats against Napoli and the sensational one in the Italian Cup against Cremonese. Two goals in 4′ which were enough to bring down Empoli. Mourinho commented on the microphones of Dazn on the success of his Roma against Empoli: “Abraham untouchable? There was a period in which I had doubts, he was going through a difficult moment, now even if he doesn’t score, his contribution is fundamental. He did everything right, in the second half he kept the ball, brought the team back up, looked for depth. In the first – beyond the goal – he interacted well with Dybala and Pellegrini”.

away in December

“The approach? – continues Mou – We played with the team that in theory is the strongest we can field. We met for 30′ with a perfectly defined game plan, then the intensity lowered and we changed tactics. It dropped because it’s our nature, Dybala had some problems, Pellegrini was tired, Matic as well, the line lowered. But I’m happy because we know our limits. We do what we can, today we got three points against a team difficult. I told Zanetti that they are an excellent team and that’s why it’s an important victory”.

“At the stadium there are people who don’t understand, others do, but also in the press, or at least pretend not to understand – continues Mou -: this is our reality. If I had played with these 11 players against Cremonese we’d be in the semifinals but today we wouldn’t have won… We do our best, we work hard. Before the match I told the players that we had to enter the field with a backpack full of the frustration of the defeat, without waiting for external help. It’s just us. That’s why I entered with them for the first time in the warm-up. Belotti? There will be room for him too, he arrived late, had two injuries, is now in good condition and did well in the Italian Cup. His faith and mine in him are growing. but it’s played with 11. The other teams have incredible players on the bench but they aren’t asked for anything… Andrea can’t play with Abraham. Only 30” today? Better than zero, he helped me win the game. Zaniolo? Society’s problem, you have to solve it with them, not me. Convince Smalling? He’s not up to me.

“I – adds Mou – could have left in December (as coach of Portugal, part-time before taking on Martinez, and it was also said as coach of Brazil, called by Ronaldo the Phenomenon, ed) and I stayed here. It always seems that we are going to Serie B, instead we are ahead with very strong teams”.


“It was a very important goal for me – says Abraham -, I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, I could have scored 2 or 3 in front of our fans, I hope to continue like this. It’s the right reaction after the Cremonese, we were all disappointed , that match marked us and it was important to get a result today. In the first 25-30′ we looked like a team that could win the Scudetto. Dybala? Everything is easier when he’s around, we know what he can do, today he served an assist, he’s a winner like me, he brought the experience we need. What do I dream about? Winning something more after the Conference, for our fans who deserve it, there’s the Europa League…” .