Mourinho furious: “Horrible match, there are no excuses. Except for Bove”

The Roma coach after the heavy defeat against Slavia Prague: “Very deserved defeat, nothing worked. I didn’t see the correct and professional attitude that I demand”

José Mourinho is very angry after his Roma’s heavy defeat against Slavia Prague: “Nothing worked. What was missing? Everything. It’s a very well-deserved positive result for them and a very well-deserved negative one for us. The decision not to let people talk the players, excluding Belotti, is mine, no one must speak also because there isn’t much to say other than what I will say. I spoke to the boys in the locker room, what we said to each other remains between us. I just want to be honest with the players of the Slavia who deserved to win. The absences? We played so badly that I don’t want any excuses. A horrible match.”

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The Portuguese then analyzes his team’s individual play: “Very few… very few… very few had the correct and professional attitude today that I demand. I didn’t see the approach that should be had in a serious match with objectives. The best on the pitch was a 20-year-old boy who wasn’t in the first team two years ago… Only he put his mind and foot forward, the only one who didn’t deserve to lose was Bove.”