Moto2, Qatar GP: Lopez beats Baltus and Garcia. No points for Aldeguer and Arbolino

Podium full of surprises. Behind the Spaniard are Barry Baltus and Sergio Garcia. The big favorites for the title are disappointing, having also gone into crisis due to tire wear

Federico Mariani

March 10 – 5.34pm – MILAN

There Moto2 gives surprises in Qatar. The first GP goes to Alonso Lopez on the day of motorcycle dominance Boscoscuro: in addition to the Spanish in the top 5 there are also Sergio Garcia, third, and Ai Ogura, fourth. Kalex is saved thanks to the Belgian Barry Baltus, second after a great comeback and only beaten in the sprint by the wild Lopez. For Alonso the victory has a special flavor because it erases the difficulties of the last few months and comes while many big names are going into crisis, also due to the difficulties of adapting to the new Pirelli tyres. Among the illustrious “victims” the two favorites also stand out, Fermin Aldeguer and Tony Arbolino, 16th and 20th respectively and left without points.


Eighteen laps to tackle. At the start Lopez sprints better than anyone. Then Gonzalez, Arenas and Arbolino, while the poleman Canet he is only sixth. Aron, however, changes pace and in two laps climbs up to first position. The Spaniard tries to set a high pace, but Lopez and Gonzalez resist. Tire wear, however, soon presents a heavy bill for some protagonists. For example, Arbolino collapsed, also overtaken by Ogura and the surprising Baltus in the first laps and then dropped out of the points zone. Similar story for Canet, who sensationally finds himself from first to sixth in just a few steps. He will finish in tenth place, just behind Celestino Vietti, ninth and best of the Italians.

final sprint

Among the many riders in difficulty, two great comebacks stand out, those of Baltus and Garcia. In four steps Barry gets to the podium area, imitated shortly after by the Spaniard. The gaps are however small and the fear of excessive tire wear affects the strategies. With six laps to go, a quintet of Lopez, Baltus, Gonzalez, Garcia and Ogura forms in the lead. In the end the challenge is all between Lopez and Baltus. The Belgian looks for an opening in every way, but Alonso defends himself, winning a deserved victory.

the ranking

Here are the riders with points in the Moto2 Qatar GP:

  1. ​A.Lopez (Spa-Boscoscuro) 35:45.595
  2. B.Baltus (Bel-Kalex) +0.055
  3. S.Garcia (Spa-Boscoscuro) +0.742
  4. A.Ogura (Gia-Boscoscuro) +1,514
  5. M.Gonzalez (Spa-Kalex) +5,100
  6. M.Ramirez (Spa-Kalex) +5,320
  7. J.Roberts (USA-Kalex) +9.058
  8. A.Arenas (Spa-Kalex) +9,210
  9. C.Vietti (Ita-Kalex) +10.710
  10. A.Canet (Spa-Kalex) +10,879
  11. S. Chantra (Tha-Kalex) +15.066
  12. J.Alcoba (Spa-Kalex) +18,986
  13. Vd Goorbergh (Ola-Kalex) +19.038
  14. B.Bendsneyder (Ola-Kalex) +22,338
  15. D.Öncü (Tur-Kalex) +22,568