mother and son talk – nipples as a topic

In Milf Manor, moms date each other’s grown sons.

The woman on the back right in the picture is Joey’s mother Kelle, who is interested in Pola’s (center) son Jose. Allison Reyes, TLC

Mothers seducing each other’s sons have shocked Reality’s friends around the world. The New York Post according to Milf Manor’s show channel TLC’s own Tiktok, the series has been described as raunchy, disgusting, rough, disturbing and the most uncomfortable series ever.

Today we have an episode where the accompanying conversation was too much for some viewers of the Daily Express by. By Kelle Mortensen50, son Joey20, talks to her mother about her breasts.

– My mother gets a lot of attention mainly because she never wears a bra. Girls are always on display and wearing long ones, the boy refers to his mother’s nipples.

Joey’s observations do not shock Kelle, who nevertheless reminds her of the biological significance of her breasts.

– My nipples didn’t bother you when you sucked them as a baby. Now let’s keep that in mind, Kelle says to the cameras.

– Mom, I needed milk! I needed nourishment! Joey points out.

– You were really thirsty, Kelle commented.

Joey is pictured third from the left. TLC

In the second episode, mothers and sons reveal their sex secrets to each other. So what are they like?

– I had sex in the elevator of the shopping center.

– I had sex with my son’s best friend.

– I had orgies with seven women.

And these secrets are of the kindest kind.

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