Motards take flood victims on a pleasure ride

    Motard Jacky Redey, from Koksijde but now living in Kortrijk, was able to enthuse ten motorcyclists from the wider region of Kortrijk, Bruges, Ghent and Erpe-Mere for a 250 km trip to Trooz near Liège.

    The intention was to take a tour with children and also with parents of families severely affected by the floods, now almost a year ago. The group of about ten motards gathered in Wetteren on Saturday 25 June, after which the trip to Liège was started in group.

    Still a lot of damage

    “We were very impressed by the damage to the homes and roads that have still not been fully repaired,” says initiator Jacky. “We drove four laps in the area with about forty children and even parents who wanted to ride along were given a seat at the back of a motorcycle.”

    It was an unforgettable afternoon for the children. The initiative of the motards was welcomed by the participants and by the local fire brigade with warm and hearty applause. In the late afternoon the return of 250 km was started again.