At the domestic airport, according to people who complained on social media, there were lines of three hours. That was probably at peak times, but a Schiphol spokeswoman was able to confirm that it was busy. “It was a busy Sunday. I have the impression that it went well,” it sounds.

    At Schiphol, in particular, a staff shortage at security has been causing chaos for weeks. Since Easter, people sometimes have to queue for hours to have their hand luggage checked.

    At Eindhoven Airport, things also went wrong this weekend. Lines meandered far outside the terminal on Sunday. An airport spokesman said the queues were partly caused by travelers arriving much too early.

    “Because the image is created that it is busy, you also see that more passengers arrive much earlier than necessary,” explains the spokesman for Eindhoven Airport. “We recommend arriving two and a half to three hours in advance. If you come in the morning for an evening flight, so to speak, you will get very long lines. And it makes no sense either. For example, you can only leave your suitcase three hours before departure. The system does not recognize you before.”

    It was busy at Rotterdam/The Hague Airport, but there were no problems with long queues, a spokeswoman said on Sunday.