Moskalkova after the video with the torture of the military warned about the danger of revenge

According to the Ombudsman, she was approached by volunteers advocating revenge for the Russian military. Moskalkova considers this dangerous, because “revenge breeds revenge, blood – blood.” Videos of torture of prisoners appeared last week

After the video of the torture of Russian servicemen in Ukraine was published, some Russian citizens began to receive offers of revenge, but this is a dangerous thing, Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova warned in broadcast Sputnik radio.

“I get requests from volunteers because people are getting embittered. I hear from our side, from the Russian side, from our citizens, that there must be revenge. This is also a very dangerous thing, revenge breeds revenge, blood breeds blood, and this is a completely terrible inhuman situation, ”the Commissioner for Human Rights warned.

Russian military found in Mariupol the bodies of people with signs of torture

According to her, experts confirmed the fact of torture by the military. “This is not only the largest violation of international law, but also a violation of morality and morality, if it exists at all,” the ombudsman said.

If a person is captured, he cannot be subjected to torture and violence, the world community agreed on this back in the 1920s, she recalled.