Morning red is a harbinger of thunderstorms today; code yellow in Drenthe

It was a beautiful sight for the early birds this morning; the sky brightened up beautifully in red, orange and yellow. But this dawn red heralds thunderstorms heading our way. “Yes, morning red, water in the ditch,” says RTV Drenthe weatherman Gert Voerman.

Code yellow will apply to Drenthe later today due to thunderstorms. The KNMI issues this warning for Drenthe between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m. this afternoon.

Weatherman Gert Voerman is mainly counting on a lot of rain. “A disturbance over France is currently heading our way. In the course of the afternoon, rain and thunderstorms will set in over Drenthe. Locally, a lot of rain can fall. Locally, according to calculations, it can be more than 20 to 30 millimeters. In some places there will probably also be thunderstorms and people should therefore take gusts into account.”

KNMI warns: “Avoid open water and open areas, do not hide under trees. Follow the weather reports and warnings.”

According to the RTV Drenthe weatherman, it will continue to rain tonight. At night it will be a bit drier. Tomorrow, Whit Monday, there will be quite a lot of clouds, with some sun and a few showers.