Moria Casan She is used to being in the news for her controversial sayings, but this time it was for her look: on Twitter, thousands of fans compared the actress and ex-vedette with the gauchito gil, after being photographed wearing her trademark long black hair with a red band around her forehead. And it is that this accessory, according to what the tweeters stated, made her look a lot like the popular saint.

    “Moria became Guachito Gil”, “Moria in Mapuche style?”, “What did One wear?” were some of the comments that the fan club of “la lengua karateka” made about the way it looked at the premiere of the play “Tarascones”, one of the proposals this summer in La Feliz. The event was the official opening of the Mar del Plata theater season this summer 2023.

    Moria Casán attended the play accompanied by her husband, the former athlete and former political leader Fernando “Duck” Galmarini, and shared a seat with the governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof and his wife, Soledad Quereilhac. The function was also attended by the head of Anses, fernanda ravertathe president of the Cultural Institute florence saintout and the undersecretary of that provincial portfolio, Victoria Onetto.

    Recently, Moria starred in a new scandal, threatening the actress and impersonator Fatima Florez with taking legal action if you don’t start paying him for imitating her. “I have a company and I paid a very important fee in Trademarks and registrations so that all the use of my name and what they do in shows is controlled a little. If there’s a use of my name on stage, even if you honor me, I want a little ticket, daddy. Like SADAIC, like Actors who get money out of you”, declared Moria. Flórez claimed to be disconcerted by Moria’s attitude. “She always said that she liked being interpreted, being done. I don’t know what could have happened now for me to change my mind,” said the comedian.

    After these brief vacations in La Feliz, Moria Casán will once again star in the theatrical success “witches” to Calle Corrientes, on January 11. The play, premiered in 1991 in Argentina with the performance of “la One”, and since then it has been on the scene several times, becoming a cult phenomenon. Currently, the cast is led by Moria, Thelma Biral, nora carpena (who were at the original premiere), Mary Loyal, grace dufau Y Sandra Mihanovich.

    by RN

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