Morena Zapparoli talks about love and career on TV

Morena Zapparoli, the ex-wife of the great Gianfranco Funari, she has been linked to Antonio Presta for thirteen years now the man who made her fall in love three years after the death of the journalist and TV host. Despite being a great love, the two have never flaunted their relationship and Zapparoli confessed that she greatly appreciates her partner precisely for his sensitivity and the respect shown for her and for her previous marriage.

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Morena Zapparoli’s love life

Today the showgirl was a guest on La Volta Buona, on Raiuno where she told the presenter about her career and private life Caterina Balivo. Born in Milan in 1967, he made his TV debut alongside Funari in 2000 after they were together for a year. Their professional relationship continues for a long time and Zapparoli will play the role of author and will deal with foreign policy for all the following programs from This evening There’s Funarito Extra Omnesto Funari Late Show. The two then became husband and wife in 2004 and remained close until the death of the volcanic TV face four years later.

36 years of difference, which have never represented a problem for their union born clandestinely: she had a husband and he was famous and known to everyone. They meet by chance and become lovers. However, he explains to her that he does not want to be her lover at all and that she, therefore, would have to decide whether to leave her husband or stay married to him. She then never returned home.

The new love away from the spotlight

The meeting with Antonio PrestaInstead, It occurred in 2011 under casual circumstancesi: «A middle school classmate of mine is a work colleague of hers and he invited me to a dinner – she said when interviewed – I met him there. The first thing that struck me was her physical appearance, but if she hadn’t also had a good character she wouldn’t have continued.”

Morena Zapparoli, ex-wife of the great Gianfranco Funari, has been linked to Antonio Presta for thirteen years (@instagram)

«I made the first move»

Zapparoli doesn’t want those chats to remain just a memory and therefore takes the initiative: «He was there with his son. We talked a lot, then I told him look for me on Facebook. He looked for me, so I invited him to the presentation of a book, but then I wrote to him if we continue with the messages we will never see each other, this is my number.” Love broke out practically immediatelyespecially when Zapparoli understood that he was sincerely interested in the woman and not in fame, which Presta also doesn’t love as much as being in the spotlight.

A new chapter and a new happiness

A new chapter for Mrs. Funari, for whom the marriage with the journalist will remain indelible, but who after the suffering of his loss, has found happiness again. Last year, Zapparoli he had confessed in the broadcast of Barbara d’Urso that he also wanted to make peace with Funari’s only daughter, Carlotta. But we don’t know what happened.