The search engine Google not only offers its users endless content from the World Wide Web, but also a few secret functions. This article introduces ten such features.

    Google Sky

    This feature is a dedicated website that allows users to look into space, Mars and the moon. This is made possible by verified space recordings from SDSS, NASA and ESA. Similar to Google Maps, you can scroll through space on the website and even read small explanatory texts on Mars. The feature can be accessed via the URL

    Google Arts & Culture

    Users can not only scroll through space. Some people may have enjoyed the Google Arts & Culture function, especially during the Corona lockdowns: Here you can digitally browse through the exhibits of a wide variety of museums and view famous works of art in the highest resolution or discover art and culture through small online games. The feature can be accessed via the URL

    Google Assistant

    Most people are familiar with this feature: With the Google Assistant, users can speak into the microphone of their device and give Google commands. This can be helpful, for example, to call up the navigation system in the car or to play music.

    Google Flights

    Travel planning can be made easier with Google Flights. If you decide to fly, you can use this feature to compare the cheapest flight connections from different airlines. If it’s a complex itinerary, the “Google Flights Matrix” app can be helpful – more individual filters can be set here.

    Google Timer and Google Stopwatch

    Most smartphones have a built-in timer app. But Google also offers a timer and a stopwatch. If you enter the search term “5 minutes timer” in the Google search mask, a timer that can be set individually appears above the search results. A stopwatch can also be started right next to it.

    Google calculator

    The Google search bar is not only the gateway to endless information from the world wide web, but also a calculator. If you enter “6*10”, the search engine spits out the corresponding result and forwards you directly to a pocket calculator with even more functions. This also appears when searching for “Calculator” or for “the answer to life the universe and everything”.

    Easter Eggs

    In addition to “the answer to life the universe and everything”, there are other Easter eggs with which useful and useless secret functions can be called up via the search bar. The search commands are in English and are:

    flip a coin
    roll a die
    breathing exercise
    fun facts
    animal noises
    tic tac toe
    askew (tilt the google view)
    do a barrel roll (rotate the google view)
    metronome (metronome)

    This list does not claim to be complete.

    Reverse image search

    In fact, Google not only offers the option of searching for new images using search terms: you can also drag an image from the desktop into the search bar and search for similar images. Not only different images are displayed, but – if available – also the same image in a different size.

    Experiments With Google

    The name says it all: “Experiments With Google” offers users a series of digital experiments. For example, you can compose a song by performing certain movements in front of the webcam or by blowing digital soap bubbles. Since everyone can program and submit their own Google experiment themselves, there are a large number of experiments from a wide variety of subject areas. The feature can be accessed via the URL

    Offline? “Start Game”

    Google also has a surprise in store offline: you can’t search for anything without the Internet, but an integrated offline game automatically appears in Google’s Chrome browser if a search fails. This is usually marked as such on the smartphone, but this is not necessarily the case on the computer. Then you can activate it by pressing the spacebar.

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