More expensive petrol and paying for plastic containers: this will all change from today

The gross amounts of the statutory minimum wage will also increase. This means that adults aged 21 and older now earn at least 1,995 euros per month with a full-time job. The younger you are, the lower the amount will be.

Converted to a gross hourly wage, this amounts to EUR 12.79 per hour for a 36-hour working week. If you work 38 hours, that is 12.12 euros and at 40 hours it is 11.51 euros per hour.

Benefits are also going up. People who receive WW or WAO/WIA benefit will receive an additional 3.13 percent.

Landlords of social housing are allowed to raise prices from today. There is a maximum percentage attached to this. The rent of a social rental home may increase by a maximum of 3.1 percent if the basic rent is 300 euros or more. If the amount is less than 300 euros, a maximum of 25 euros is allowed.

If you use social rent, but you have a middle income or a high income? Then the landlord may propose more than 3.1 percent rent increase. Rents in the private sector may rise by a maximum of 4.1 percent. Tenants who pay more than 575 euros per month, but have a low income, will receive a rent reduction.

Incidentally, home landlords must also comply with extra rules from today. For example against housing discrimination and intimidation or a too high deposit.

Do you have children? Then you will receive less child benefit from now on. Parents will receive the new quarterly amount from October. For a child aged 0 to 5 years, this is 261.70 euros per quarter. If your child is between the ages of 6 and 11, you will receive 317.77 euros as a parent. For children aged 12 to 17 years, the amount is 373.85 euros per quarter.

As of today, the digital corona proof has also disappeared. “From then on you will no longer be able to create an international digital corona proof via the CoronaCheck app. This was a QR code with which you could demonstrate that you had been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative,” the government reports.

A corona certificate is no longer required within Europe to travel. If you go to a country outside Europe, you may still be asked to do so.

Turn on the television and there is a good chance that you will see the necessary advertisements for gambling websites (especially around sports competitions). As of today, no more. There is now a ban on advertising in public, such as on television, radio and in cinemas.

This does not mean that gambling advertisements are completely banned. Gambling sites are still allowed to advertise on the internet. If you find such pop-ups and advertisements annoying, a small tip: install a so-called ad blocker.

In addition, the government wants to tackle so-called marital captivity. This means that some people are (religiously) married against their will. A new law should make it easier to end such a religious marriage in court. With the new law it has also become a criminal offense. This means that the (former) partner, family and/or community can be prosecuted.

Furthermore, a so-called pedo handbook is punishable. That is a kind of ‘manual’ with tips for sexual abuse of children. Until now, such preparatory acts were not always punishable, but now they are.

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