More energy with 2409 photovoltaic panels, Udinese stadium in the future

The installation will concern the roofs of the curves and the Blue Badges of the Bluenergy Stadium. The goal of the project? The energy autonomy of the system during matches

Francesco Velluzzi

More and more into the future. Udinese has landed in Milan, welcomed to the headquarters of the Serie A League by president Lorenzo Casini and the CEO. Luigi De Siervo to present a pilot project which, he hopes, will also be useful to other clubs. “Sport creates energy”, the title of the convention conducted by Marina Presello in which the conclusions were entrusted to Alberto Felice De Toni, the mayor of Udine, the city first in terms of quality of life.


Udinese, managed by the Pozzo family for 38 years and in Serie A for 29 years, has always stood out in the field of innovation. Gianpaolo Pozzo was far-sighted. He had experimented with VAR, Goal line technology. In June 2019 with the final of the Under 21 European Championship in Udine, in an already extensively renovated stadium, he experimented with facial recognition. “We have always been precursors,” said CEO Francesco Collavino, who has been with the company for 26 years. Now we enter even further into the future. “Sustainability is at the base,” said Magda Pozzo. And with Bluenergy which also gives its name to the Friulian stadium, a total synergy has been created. “In which we believe a lot”, reiterated the president Susanna Curti and the CEO Alberta Gervasio.

jewel of technology

Then we moved on to the technical level. What will happen? “2409 photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roofs of the curves and the Distinti. This stadium will be a jewel of technology. Which will allow the club to save a lot of energy. We would like to make the afternoon match autonomous in some months of the year (the lights must also be turned on in the afternoon for television reasons). We have completed the design, now let’s start setting up the construction site. then there will be the start of the plant engineering work which will not particularly affect users and then there will be the provision. There are four phases”, explained Davide Villa, general director of Bluenergy Group. It is a project also shared with the Polytechnic of Milan. Everything should be ready in October,