The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) attributes the Increase in deaths on the roads in July12% compared to the figures for the same month of 2019, up to 131, at heat waves that have been recorded, since this factor makes decreased attention and ability to react.

    “Heat is a factor that influences and affects. We make mistakes with the heat, and mistakes on the road, at the wheel, translate into accidents”, explained the general director of the DGT, Peter Navarroin an interview on the ’24 Horas’ channel.

    The difference would be 14 more deceased people compared to 2019, the year before the pandemic, for which commuting has increased 5%. “2,124 deaths due to heat wave and 131 in traffic accidents. I think the numbers speak for themselves,” she stressed.

    Regarding the Law on Traffic and Road Safety, which came into force last March, Navarro has pointed out that messages on road safety need to be simple. “If there’s a speed limit, there’s a speed limit. Exceptions kill the credibility of the rule,” he said.

    The director general of the DGT has also recalled that in this case has not been touched economic amount of the sanctions. “We were evaluating it, but the country is not ready to increase it. In addition, road safety is doing reasonably well, so it doesn’t make sense to do it now,” she explained.

    When asked about the prevention campaignsNavarro has emphasized that the campaigns have to be accompanied by measures to be effective in the long term, since if this is not the case, they are only reduced in the following six months and not in the following ones.

    “They tell us that they are very harsh, but the reality is much harsher. Sometimes you have to draw attention to the drama behind the accidents,” he said.

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    Navarro added that you have to pay close attention if there are a breakdown and it is necessary to get out of the car on highways and motorways, since in the last three years they have died 40 people in abuse in those circumstances -one of the last, the driver who on the 30th he was run over on the AP-7 motorway as it passes through the municipality of Montmel√≥ (Eastern Valleys)-. “Don’t go down on the traffic side,” she stressed.

    He has also taken the opportunity to remind drivers of their responsibility behind the wheel in the face of celebration of patron saint festivities in the coming days and has stressed that we must not allow people who have drunk drive.