Fair is fair: paying with a little bit, debit card or credit card is easier and faster for most people than paying with cash. Nevertheless, there is still a need for cash, as is apparent from the ATMs in the streets: “Then I will have a bit more overview this week.”

    “To do the shopping”, replies a Venneper when asked why he is taking notes. He acknowledges that it is easier to pay by card, but I want a little more overview.”

    First time in months

    Where he sometimes took money out of the wall for small expenses, he has now withdrawn a larger amount for the first time. “It’s the first time in months that I’m pinning again, but the prices are going up quite a bit, so you have to be busy.”

    A woman who withdraws money from the Geldmaat for the shopping center also says to keep an eye on the little ones: “You now pay attention to everything, especially on the offers and that is easier with a few tens of cash in your pocket.”

    NH 360° New Vennep

    Inflation is rising to great heights and energy is almost unaffordable. In the run-up to Prinsjesdag, NH Nieuws wonders how North Hollanders keep their heads above water. That is why we will be in the De Symfonie shopping center in Nieuw-Vennep in the coming days to investigate the diminished purchasing power that affects you. From all sides: 360 degrees.