More and more right-wing incidents in schools – Cottbus in front

Demonstration against right-wing extremism in Brandenburg Photo: Olaf Selchow

From BZ/dpa

The school authorities in Brandenburg have reported more such cases since right-wing extremist incidents in the Spreewald became known.

According to the Ministry of Education on Thursday, most of the new incidents occurred in southern Brandenburg in the area of ​​the Cottbus State Education Office. The school in Burg im Spreewald is also located there, where teachers had complained in a letter that they were confronted with right-wing extremism, sexism and homophobia on a daily basis. The ARD magazine “Contrasts” reports on Thursday about right-wing extremist cases at other schools in southern Brandenburg.

Between May 1st and 12th of this year, the school management in Brandenburg reported 19 incidents to the state school authorities. The Ministry of Education announced that there were 8 incidents or statements in the Cottbus school authority. The Frankfurt (Oder) school authority counted 6 incidents or statements, the Neuruppin and Brandenburg/Havel school authorities each registered 3 cases. In the period between February 20 and March 3 of this year, for example, there was only one report each from the Brandenburg/Havel and Frankfurt (Oder) school authorities. Between March 20th and 31st, the Brandenburg/Havel and Frankfurt (Oder) offices each had 3 cases, Cottbus and Neuruppin each had 2 cases.

“The schools both in the area of ​​​​the Cottbus school authority and beyond in all of Brandenburg take cases with extremist symbolism very seriously,” said the ministry. Minister of Education Steffen Freiberg (SPD) had encouraged teachers to be more transparent.


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