More and more people from Brabant buy a camper: ‘Camping has really been rediscovered’

Do you know someone with a camper? Chances are yes. Especially if you live in the municipality of Vught or Oisterwijk. That’s where the number of people who have a camper has risen the fastest compared to three years ago. But the campers are also popular in the rest of Brabant. So keep working hard for camper dealers. Patrick Haan from Campers Brabant and Imke van Acht from Van Acht Campers talk about the crowds. “The more luxurious, the better.”

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Rick Clausen

In Vught the number of campers increased from 155 to 334 (an increase of 86.6 percent) and in Oisterwijk from 248 to 405 (an increase of 63.3 percent). In both municipalities there are therefore more than 100 registered campers per 10,000. Around there, in Den Bosch, according to Patrick it is ‘almost impossible to keep up’.

They also work overtime at Imke in Sint-Oedenrode. “We are already full of appointments for the next month to a month and a half. Normally that is two weeks,” she says.

“With a camper you have convenience and luxury.”

But what makes it so much fun to go out with a camper? “You don’t have to lug your suitcases around, you’re comfortable in your own environment. It’s a piece of convenience and luxury,” says Imke. Patrick adds: “We hear from many customers that the freedom is the best thing. The freedom to go anywhere and just leave if, for example, the weather is bad.”

And once you get the hang of it, according to Patrick you never want anything else. “We see a lot of interest in buying a motorhome from people who have just returned from holiday. Actually, all types of motorhomes are popular, we are losing everything.” Imke: “What we do see is: the more luxurious, the better. People think: it is already an expensive holiday, so we might as well make it more luxurious.”

“We won’t have new campers again for another two weeks.”

And that appeals to both young and old. “People have really rediscovered camping, young people are now also learning how to camp,” says Patrick. Imke also regularly sees a young family walk in. She’s doing so well that she’s completely ‘sold out’. “We will not receive brand new motorhomes again for another two weeks, and second-hand models will not be available until October.”

The fact that it is so busy now is partly due to corona, according to both, but not entirely. “It was already going well before corona. The ‘covid peak’ has ensured that we were able to grow so fast now, but we didn’t have to work hard to get customers in,” says Imke. Patrick is used to the hustle and bustle. “We took over the company in covid time, so we’ve always been busy.”

Curious how many motorhomes are registered in your municipality? Check it out on the interactive map below:

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