Monza-Milan, Galliani: “The match of a lifetime”

The former CEO of the Rossoneri spoke thus in view of Saturday’s match: “This is the match of a lifetime. And our coach has a lucky star”

You say Milan and think of Galliani, Berlusconi and their thirty years of success with Milan. Galliani, however, is also Monza and above all “the” Monza, because after having bought champion after champion in the Rossoneri, the ex now leads his city team. “I was baptized and confirmed in the Duomo. We used to walk along these streets trying to stalk some girls. It’s my life that moves me. I lived with my mother, I had the misfortune of losing her when I was less than 15. I have all the my memories”. These are Galliani’s words on Sky Sport, in a special in which the CEO remember his life in the Rossoneri. And the one at Monza.


At the helm of the Brianza is Raffaele Palladino. In 2023 he only lost in the Cup against Juve. “Palladino came to us in 2019 as a footballer, I remembered him as intelligent and capable. Then he had muscle problems and was unable to play, so we asked him to be a coach. He’s an intelligent boy, and people like that in they can do everything. After 5 games we had zero points, in the sixth game we equalized in Lecce with only one shot on goal, from a free kick. So I go to Arcore…”. Palladino’s idea was born here: “Every time I have an epiphany I have to get the president’s blessing. He spoke to Palladino and told me to do this. There was the match against Juventus and then the break. I told Raffaele to wait after the break because maybe he would lose. He wanted to start right away: he has a good star since he beat Juve in his debut. Monza scored six points this year with the black and whites, this one didn’t a logical solution”.

Us against us

The headline arrives mid-chat: “The president, like me, when he talks about Milan continues to say “we”. It will be us against us. I will remain in religious silence, without moving a muscle if Monza or Milan score, as happened I’m training.” Galliani continues: “I was born here, but Milan’s 31 years can’t be cancelled. Whether the theater is San Siro or the U Power Stadium doesn’t change, it’s a dream. Get used to playing the derbies with Seregno and Renate… now it’s incredible. The president will come. I was having lunch with him”. A question of challenges: “It will be my last professional dance. I couldn’t betray Milan, I couldn’t have gone to another club. I’m at home here, there hasn’t been a single Rossoneri fan who has accused me of betrayal.”

Defense at 3

The most curious background concerns the dialogue between Palladino and Berlusconi: “The president likes a 4-man defence, but he plays a three-man, so Raffaele explained to him that the wingers rise and fall, so in the non-possession phase he becomes a 4-man We have reached a compromise. Whoever has won the World Cup and the Champions League has always played with 4 players, of course. And at Milan we had crazy full-backs.” Finally, the purchase of Monza was born during a lunch: “They were there and at a certain point Silvio said, ‘I learned from Adriano that Monza is for sale.’ Ok Adriano, go and do”. I immediately abandoned the plate of spaghetti, spoke to Felice Colombo and his son and we reached an agreement with a handshake as friends”.