Monza, joy Palladino: “Berlusconi, it’s for you. What a party with Galliani”

The Brianza coach after the 4-2 against Milan; “I asked for the perfect match, the boys were extraordinary. Carboni? I love him: he will reach the top”

From our correspondent Francesco Pietrella


It can be said that Palladino is the only one who didn’t sprint on the wing. After the goal from the bottom of Warren Bondo’s hat he raised his arms for a few seconds, then he sketched a satisfied smile and immediately turned away, as if he wanted to impose self-control on himself and then look up, for a special dedication: «Success is for Silvio Berlusconi. He would have been very happy for us. The boys believed in it all week, they worked with conviction and so here we are, winners against Milan. They played an amazing match.” In fact, the bench ran about forty meters to embrace the Frenchman with the Leao-style braids, fresh from his first goal in Serie A in the ninety minute, at the last bell. Bondo and Colombo knocked out Milan with two right hooks in the last round, but at the side of the ring, behind the ropes, with the chair and the sponge in his hands, there was Raffaele Palladino da Mugnano di Napoli, with his first success season against a big team after draws against Lazio and Napoli. Yesterday they beat the Rossoneri at the fourth attempt, after the two knockouts suffered last year and the 3-0 defeat in the first leg. This time there were four goals scored.


“An incredible emotion”, continues Palladino. “My boys are doing something historic and extraordinary. Milan came to us to grab second place, but the boys played an amazing match from every point of view. We must continue like this and keep our feet on the ground.” Yesterday Monza lined up with a back four. A winning choice: “Let’s not reveal our secrets. We wanted to set it up with four because we knew that Milan would press us man to man, so I chose to deploy a player like Valentin Carboni between the lines, so the maneuver was more fluid. I I’m lucky enough to have a group of extraordinary guys with whom I can play three or four and then choose the best solution.” Palladino also praised Valentin Carboni’s performance: “I love him, I’m crazy about him. He can certainly reach the top. He has technical, physical and mental qualities of a certain level. He always wants to improve.”


One of the happiest was Adriano Galliani, who beat Milan as opponents for the first time. The team celebrated in the locker room, in fact Palladino appeared in his tracksuit in front of the cameras. «We got a little wet, that’s why I arrived like this. The director was happy and excited. We celebrated in the locker room. Di Gregorio was also there, who suffered a blow to the head in the first half. At the end of the match, however, he hugged me and was very happy. It was one of the most emotional nights of my career. I asked for a perfect match and it was an extraordinary evening from every point of view. Winning like this was incredible. I congratulate everyone, especially the strikers, who were the first defensive players. I knew that sooner or later the icing would arrive.” On an unforgettable night.