Monza also wins in Istanbul: it is in the Challenge Cup final

It is the Challenge Cup final for Mint Monza, the third overall in European competitions in its history, achieved thanks to the 2-3 success in the second leg of the semi-final against Galatasaray.

GALATASARAY-MONZA 2-3 (16-25, 20-25, 25-21, 25-22, 12-15)

Strengthened by the 3-0 in the first leg, Beretta and his teammates immediately won the two sets necessary to secure the ticket for the final act, in which they will face Akaa Volley or Projekt Warsaw on the next 20 and 27 February (away first leg) (Poles victorious over the Finns 3-0 away in the first leg, return match tomorrow). In Istanbul the victory came with 16 points for Mujanovic and Loeppky and 13 for Maar, who was decisive in the first two fractions won by the guests. For the Turks, 18 for Hadrava and Mijailovic. After the Challenge final lost in 2019 (against Russian Belgorod), Mint will be able to play for the trophy again, to place it alongside the 2022 Cev Cup (victory against French Tours). Here they are, confirming the sextet of the last period, with Cachopa as dribbler opposite Szwarc, Di Martino-Galassi in the middle, Maar and Loeppky in the back row and Gaggini libero. Cakir responds with Zimmermann-Hadrava diagonally setter-opposite, Karasu-Tumer in the center, Mijalovic-Kujundzic lateral with Hatipoglu libero. Vehement start from the Brianza team who easily dominated the first half (from 4-8 to 11-20) with an excellent reception to supply the attack (52%, 6 points for Maar and Szwarc) for the final 16-25. Good start also in the second half (0-4), but the Turks react and the set remains in balance. From 18-19, two points from Maar (7 in the set out of 11 attacks), give the “go” to the breakaway in the final until 20-25 which gives the 0-2 and therefore the final. Once qualification was achieved, Eccheli emptied the bench: Visic (for Cachopa), Frascio (for Maar), Mujanovic (for Szwarc) and Beretta (for Galassi) came on. The locals won the next sets 25-21 (9 from Hadrava) and 25-22, but the tiebreak went to the Monza team thanks to 4 points from Loeppky.