“Monique Westenberg seems neat, but she can swear a lot”

Monique Westenberg is always extremely controlled in the media, but behind the scenes she can go on a rampage, according to Yvonne Coldeweijer. She opens a book about their mutual contact.


Less than six months ago it turned out that Monique Westenberg had long been a kind of chief spy of Yvonne Coldeweijer. The juice queen revealed at the time, after a public sneer from Monique, that she has been in contact with her for quite some time. “Girl, I’ve got 54 screenshots of conversations between you and me!”

Scolding Monique

After that revelation, RTL Boulevard immediately connected with Yvonne, but she decided not to elaborate further. Now, more than five months later, the backbiting devil comes with more details about their mutual contact.

She tells on her juice channel: “In the time of André junior with Soel, I have indeed spoken to Monique. Can you say: she seems so civilized, but that girl knows her swear words hahaha. Understood at the time about what was done to her.”

‘She seemed really cool’

Yvonne initially had a soft spot for Monique. “She seemed really cool to me. She also said she never wanted him back. Really thought she was a strong woman and was also proud of her for getting through it. That is why my opinion of her has now changed.”

Nowadays, Yvonne is quite negative about ‘Mo’, because she continuously forgives André’s missteps. “Apparently you don’t even have to want her back 100 percent, but half and half is also good. Then the door opens again. Don’t recognize that tough chick anymore! Everything for the villa apparently. Shame!”

‘Buy your own villa’

Monique stays with André, because she still lives in the villa he paid for, Yvonne thinks. “I can’t help it, but I just hate women who clearly go for the money,” says the juice diva, who also points to the cases of Bibi Breijman and Jaimie Vaes. “Earn your own money and buy your own villa.”

She continues: “Go for a man you really respect and he for you. A man should take care of a woman, but with support and support. Not with money.”

Videoland wedding

Will there be another Videoland wedding between André and Monique? “That was her condition to get back together. He has promised her yes, but tells others no. That is why you always hear varying messages and you therefore have to be a Hazologist to decipher them.”

Monique overestimates herself a bit, Yvonne thinks. “With her it has risen even more to her head. Acts like the princess, but from what? From Desperadoland. Fortunately, we all know what this phase is called: pride comes before a fall.”

Love reunion

André confirmed on Radio 538 last week that he is back together with Monique. “Listen, Monique is the love of my life. A hundred percent. I love her very much and she loves me. I don’t want another woman and she doesn’t want another man. Yes, it is exclusive, yes. We will continue to live separately.”

And will they get married? In front of De Telegraaf’s camera: “I don’t know. Maybe one day. If it stays as good as it is now, I would really like it yes.”