Monique Westenberg has deliberately allowed the gossip about a love reunion with André Hazes Jr. to simmer on in recent months, Juice Channel thinks. “Why doesn’t she say it right away?”

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    The rumor mill about a love reunion between André Hazes Jr. and Monique Westenberg got quite a stir at the beginning of May. The two were on vacation in Florida at the time, where they were caught by a paparazzo from the Privé. He photographed how very intimately they lay in each other’s arms. Since then, neither of them has denied a love reunion.

    No love reunion

    Only now, four months after that controversial Privé cover, Monique comes up with a denial. “We’re not together and we’re not getting married, no matter how many times juice channels claim it,” she says in the new LINDA.

    Monique likes that they can still be together as a family at times. “I explained to André that I wanted to follow the example of my parents. The three of us have been to America and Thailand. Dealing with each other in this way gives a lot of peace of mind.”

    “Why not right?”

    Juice Channel, one of the most famous juice channels, is annoyed by Monique’s late denial. “It has become clear to us in recent months that Monique is only after publicity through the stories which she posts with which she wants to give the impression that André and she are together sometimes and not at other times.”

    It juice channel thinks Monique is just trying to get attention. “That way she is talked about and she stays in the picture. Have a look: now madam has another interview in the LINDA. And she can suddenly say that nothing is going on. Why doesn’t she say that right away?”

    media horny

    Monique is overplaying her hand, Juice Channel thinks. “We have not shared anything about a possible wedding, because we already assumed that it would not come. In any case, we are going to share even less about the Hazes family than we already do at the moment. They are all media horny outside of Roxeanne and are not going to give that attention anymore.”

    Story boss Guido den Aantrekker is right in Monique’s denial. “Story knows and writes this for months – because it is. Many media were just making up their own minds all the time, as a counter-reaction. Read Story, then you don’t need the mess of others”, he sneezes to Evert Sanwaarden and Yvonne Coldeweijer.

    And what does Yvonne say? “All the LINDA. full of people twisting the truth. ”


    Monique in the LINDA.: