Monique Smit finished by VI trio: ‘Stupidity knows no time’

Monique Smit has been dealt with particularly harshly in Today Inside. She causes a lot of annoyance to the regular table guest Özcan Akyol, who thinks Jan Smit’s sister is a simpleton. “I am annoyed!”


Together with other well-known women such as Kim Feenstra and Monique Westenberg, the Volendam celebrity Monique Smit has contributed to Pim Lammers becoming withdrawn as a writer for the Children’s Book Week. These well-known ladies have linked him to child abuse because of one of his older stories.

Notoriously empty-headed

Özcan Akyol mentions Monique in a column for it AD an incredible dumbass. “In the Netherlands, the work apparently first has to pass the chastity police, who cannot distinguish between fact and fiction, poisoned by blind hatred, which in this case was fueled by a notorious airhead like Monique Smit.”

He continues: “The irony is that people who usually think that you should be able to say anything, ‘because we live in a free country’, have now silenced someone who wants to reach others in a creative way.”

‘I am annoyed!’

At the table at Today Inside, Özcan also raised the subject last night. “I was also annoyed, namely that sister of Jan Smit. Monica, yes. Did you get that?”

René van der Gijp: “Yes, very special what she has done. She highlighted two or three things from that story, that he had put two fingers in those pants and stuff.”

Özcan: “Oh, do I need to explain? There was a boy who was allowed to write a poem for the Children’s Book Week. They had found a story from six years ago that mentioned something about a relationship between an older trainer and a pupil. They had some affection. It was a friend’s story. And then it had to be cancelled.”

Right hook

She succeeded, says Özcan. “I read a reconstruction and it came from Forum and Van Haga, who had also asked parliamentary questions. That boy got death threats and everything.”

Krukgast Roxane Knetemann: “I advise everyone to just read that piece, because it is very confrontational what it says, but it happens (…) at sports clubs, people do not realize that some trainers do this to pupils and that pupil ends up into something and don’t really know if it’s right or wrong. That’s what I get out of it anyway, that’s what I read.”

‘Getting crazier’

It goes too far, says Özcan. “What is the next step? If you write something about a rapist or a serial killer, you will also be canceled in this country. It keeps getting crazier.”

Wilfred Genee to Johan Derksen: “What do you think of people like Monique Smit and Kim Feenstra who react like this?”

Johan: “Yes, stupidity knows no time. Feenstra’s beautiful cup contains everything, except brains. And we already knew that about Monique Smit, because we heard those songs from her. So yeah, you really shouldn’t be upset about that. They are none the wiser. They are influenced by some radical right-wing news sites.”