According to Mark van den Oever of Farmers Defense Force (FDF), it will “fire from noon”, he said when asked. These are “wild actions”, FDF does not coordinate and initiate them. “It is on the initiative of the farmers,” says Van den Oever, who is able to report that “everything that has wheels will roll.”

    Van den Oever also recorded a video. In it, he says that FDF is not committed to the upcoming protests. According to him, the large-scale farmers’ action in Stroe on Wednesday “did not work at all.” He asks people who are going to campaign to spare civilians “as much as possible.”

    Traffic disruption

    The Agractie group also says it can’t report anything about possible plans for Monday, but “actions will certainly come”, according to foreman Bart Kemp. He already said on Friday that farmers will take action in the coming period. Last Thursday evening, a dozen farmers came to the building of the House of Representatives. Those actions will sometimes be a nuisance, he predicted. Van den Oever also thinks that any actions on Monday may affect traffic.

    The police say that if there are indeed actions, “the line will be the same as Wednesday”, at the protests in Stroe. “It’s fine to exercise your rights, but tow tractors on the highway are prohibited,” a spokeswoman said. So it will be enforced again. That didn’t always happen on Wednesday. “Wednesday the actions were so massive that it was actually impossible to enforce. It was agreed that they would not go on the highway, but that was massively ignored. We also had to look at road safety, that of the farmers, but also of other people on the road.”

    No demonstration has been registered at the municipality of The Hague. The ANWB is also not aware of any plans and possible traffic nuisance.