Monday was the warmest day worldwide in more than twenty years

Last Monday was the warmest day worldwide since these measurements began in 1979, according to figures from the United States National Centers for Environmental Prediction. Report that international media. On Monday, July 3, the average temperature on Earth was 17.01 degrees Celsius. This broke the August 2016 record of 16.92 degrees Celsius.

Several places in the world are ravaged by scorching temperatures. In North Africa it became about fifty degrees Celsius. In China there was a heat wave and in some places it became warmer than 35 degrees Celsius. It has also been hot for a long time in Mexico and the US.

In Antarctica, where it is now winter, a heat record was broken for the month of July. At the Ukrainian research base Vernadsky on the frozen continent, almost nine degrees Celsius was measured.

Scientists attribute the heat to climate change and El Niño. The latter is a natural phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean that occurs every two to seven years. El Niño causes temporary warming of the earth, in addition to the structural warming caused by the emission of greenhouse gases.

“This is not a milestone to celebrate,” Reuters news agency quotes a climate scientist from Imperial College London as saying. “It is a death sentence for people and ecosystems.”

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