Mogelijk nog extra weken tijdelijke werkloosheid at Audi Brussels | automobile

In the period between June and 2020, there will be a vakbondsbron sprake zijn van Mogelijk 26 dagen tijdelijke werkloosheid. This means that he met the huge two-year-old woman in the same time.

This means that it has also been made available to you from the product range. When the band is looped, there are fewer people who need it than the quality of the two 500 pieces of factory equipment.

Volgens Peter D’hoore, wordvoerder van de Brusselse fabriek, verloopt de productie momenteel “met a vooruitblik van een tweetal weken, omdat de aanvoer van onderdelen volatiel blijft en veranderingen op korte termijn altijd mogelijk zijn”.

The problem with the product planning of the electric luxury SUV Q8 e-tron is that the factory building is not commercially viable. For 2024, Audi Brussels will have a contract for a production of 53,000 cars, and will be available in 2023.

This week it was also announced that the new generation of the Q8 e-tron was produced in 2027 and was never produced in the Vorst factory. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has announced that he will be in the chamber and that he will receive a task force from Audi Brussels.