Mix of clouds and clearances, lots of rain tonight

    We will reach about 13 degrees with a gradually increasing south-westerly wind.

    It’s going to rain tonight and that’s for the whole night. That rain can be intense and up to ten liters of water per square meter can fall until the morning. The minima are around 10 degrees. The wind will also blow hard with peaks of up to 60 to 70 km per hour in the morning. Even a local thunderclap is possible.

    Tomorrow morning it will blow very hard at first with fierce gusts, accompanied by fierce showers. Even a clap of thunder is possible. Later in the day the wind will decrease at maxima again around 12-13 degrees. There is still a chance of a shower.

    Friday will also be changeable with clouds, clearance and a few showers. The maxima drop to about 12 degrees.