Mirabelli: “Calhanoglu before Milan I took him to Inter. About Lautaro and Brozo…”

The former executive spoke to Itasportpress

Massimiliano Mirabelli, is a very experienced football manager who achieved important results during his experience at Inter and Milan. In the Nerazzurri club he was called by Piero Ausilio who first entrusted him with the task of simple observer, then that of manager of the sector. His some insights and discoveries including Lautaro, Perisic and especially Brozovic and Calhanoglouthe latter being midfielders who led the Nerazzurri to the Champions League final.

Mirabelli, today sporting director of Padova, had his say on the Champions League final on the microphones of Itasportpress.it.

He discovered Calhanoglou when he was manager of Inter but then brought him to Milan. Can you tell us about the operation?

“I went to see him for Inter and it was done but then there was a problem due to his 4-month disqualification for double registration (he played for Karlsruhe and had signed a contract with Trabzonspor ed.) and the deal jumped. Then I moved to Fassone’s Milan and brought the Turkish player in the Rossoneri shirt. In the end, Inter went the same way and the Nerazzurri made a huge blow because Hakan is a true champion. It was a double-whammy between Inter and Milan, but I can say that with me at Milan, Calhanoglou would have renewed his contract and would have stayed.”