Minttu Kaulanen: “A criminal complaint has been filed against me”

Minttu Kaulanen, who is known from the programs Suurin pudottaja and Farmi Suomi, among others, says that he has received an investigation decision on the matter.

According to Minttu Kaulanen, two parties involved filed a criminal complaint against him because of his Instagram story sections. Pete Anikari

– A criminal complaint has been filed against me.

This is what the TV presenter says Minttu Kaulanen43, says Instagram– in its story sections. Instagram story sections are viewable for 24 hours from the moment they are published.

According to Kaulainen, he received the investigation decision on the matter today, February 12. Kaulanen claims that the investigative report has already lasted several months.

According to him, the criminal complaint was filed by two parties involved.

– They say that this has happened in the Instagram story section, which has been “seen by possibly tens of thousands of people”.

– I’m telling you here with the phrases that “we make it possible for snakes of all kinds to emerge from their burrows and from under rocks. In these quotation marks, “the bloodsucking of hellish parasites of all kinds is made possible, when there are such jesus talkers and, as it were, polishers of their own halos. Once again, a new loophole is made possible, where people are allowed to cheat”.

According to Kaulainen, those who reported the crime found these statements offensive. According to the TV star, they also felt that it was an allegation of cheating. According to him, the parties involved claim that Kaulanen would have caused reputational damage to the duo.

According to Kaulainen, the decision on the investigation decision was unanimous.

– Here it says that there is no reason to suspect a crime in the case, and a preliminary investigation will not be started.

– This inspector writes that, based on those statements, it cannot be concluded whether I criticized a certain person or persons.

In addition to the reasons for the criminal report, what confuses Kaula is what the state’s resources are used for.

– I think this is really sad, when I know that people are really in trouble there, and taxpayers’ money is being used. If you recognize yourself in those claims of mine so strongly that you can file a criminal complaint, what can I say to that other than that it’s a kind of concession, I guess.

Kaulanen is known for, among other things Deal-, The biggest loser – and Farm Finland – programs. She met her current spouse’s ex-trader on the set of the Diili program Sampo Kaulanen44. The couple got married in 2012. The TV presenter told Iltalehte in August 2023 that he has started a new job as an apartment salesman.

Minttu and Sampo Kaulanen have been married since 2012. Minna Jalovaara