Minister Hoekstra launches ‘Dialogue Group on Accountability for Ukraine’ in Ukraine | News item

News item | 03-03-2023 | 20:13

On March 3, 2023, Minister Hoekstra announced the Dialogue Group on Accountability for Ukraine launched at the United for Justice Conference in Lviv. The Dialogue Group is a coordination mechanism that provides a platform for countries, international organizations and civil society stakeholders to discuss and align national and international accountability initiatives.

Minister Hoekstra: “It is very good that there is so much support from the international community to find the truth and justice for Ukraine. But with so much effort and so many good ideas, it is crucial that there is coordination and overview. This Dialogue Group will play an important and much-needed role in this.”

Dialogue Group on Accountability for Ukraine

The Dialogue Group consists of four workflows, each with its own focus:

  1. international support for Ukraine;
  2. actions taken by regional and international institutions;
  3. national surveys;
  4. ongoing civil society documentation initiatives.

Each work stream is chaired by designated co-chairs, including representatives of the International Criminal Court, of the EU, of civil society, and always a representative of Ukraine itself. “Everything we do for Ukraine, we should too of Ukraine. They must be at the wheel. The Dialogue Group will ensure that this remains the case,” said Minister Hoekstra.

The foundation is also based on Ukraine, the International Criminal Court and the EU. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Khan, EU Commissioner Reynders and the President of Eurojust Hamran therefore also joined the launch.

Last year: the Ukraine Accountability Conference

During the Ukraine Accountability Conference that the Netherlands organized last year with Ukraine, the International Criminal Court and Eurojust in The Hague, 45 countries made a political commitment to the Dialogue Group. With the launch in Lviv, the first step has been taken to convert this commitment into results. The first meetings of the workflows are scheduled for April.