Milei and Gopinath: the meeting between the thief and his victim

Javier Milei he met with Gita Gopinath, the second from the International Monetary Fund. The Indian economist probably doesn’t know it, but what she was doing was actually hanging out with her victimizer. It is that the libertarian, serial text thief, He included Gopinath among his victims. It is something that NEWS revealed when he discovered the plagiarism that the now President had made in his book “Pandenomics.”

In May 2022, a journalist investigation Tomas Rodriguez discovered that the libertarian had stolen at least six authors for his then-latest book. Among them was Gopinath. The thing is that in Milei’s text there appear copies of “Weak stabilization, slow recovery?”, an article published in April 2020 on the IMF website, as well as the introductory text of the WEO Report (World Economic Outlook). Its author is Gopinath, a central piece in the negotiation with Argentina.

Unlike the other plagiarisms in his book, here the situation is somewhat more complex: although Milei starts the first chapter of the third part of his book by clarifying that he is going to “review the prospects for the world economy in the run-up to the arrival of COVID-19” based on work carried out by organizations such as the Fund – that is, it mentions it -, then the economist begins to present those conclusions as his own.

After highlighting the “concerns expressed by the IMF,” Milei makes an analysis that appears as his own, or at least it does not clarify that it does not belong to it. “Therefore, the materialization of any of these risks could trigger rapid changes in the risk attitude of financial markets, leading to portfolio reallocations towards safe assets and an increase in refinancing risks for debtors. vulnerable, both at the level of companies and countries,” says the economist on page 197, an exact reproduction – except for the “therefore” that he adds – of Gopinath’s work. The Indian woman fell among those stolen by Milei.

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