For Milan-Udinese there has been a full house for days. It hadn’t happened since 2009, but when it opened with the derby. Over 12,000 people under 20, the average age is 32

    Milan-Udinese starts at 17.30. Okay, the time on the Lega website is 18.30 but San Siro promises to be a nice introductory show. Milan won the Scudetto in the spring also thanks to its stadium, exciting for most of the season, exaggerated to the last at home against Atalanta. You could start over from similar scenes.

    top since 2009

    Milan, these days, seems to be in the sixties. Very few people in the city, deserted streets, parking spaces available, the forbidden dream of those who in winter take half an hour to find a place under the house. Yet the Milan fans have bought 30,000 tickets, to which a (large) slice of the 40,000 subscribers will be added. The predictions are very complex. Will there be 70,000 people? Maybe not. Too many Milanese are on vacation. Will it reach over 60,000? Yes, likely. In its small way, it is a historical fact: Milan did not reach 60,000 for the first at home since 2009, when however it was played on 29 August and above all … the first game was the derby.

    average age: 32

    Side note (but not so much). The audience will be very young and international. Milan estimates that the average age will be 32 – very low, there will be over 12,000 Under 20s – with fans of 114 nationalities. The main ones? France, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. Among the Belgians, Mrs. Isabelle, mother of Charles De Ketelaere. Also sold out for the “Club 1899” initiative, which combines game and restaurant service. The players, entering the field, will look upwards and will inevitably get excited a little. By the way, it will be an unprecedented day for them too. Yesterday they had the choice between the classic retreat eve and an evening at home. The meeting is set for today at breakfast and then off to the stadium. In good company.